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Among his favorite things to do, Joey enjoys playing football, basketball, and baseball, surfing, and hanging out with his friends. He also loves watching his favorite teams – the Greenbay Packers, the New England Patriots, the Dallas Cowboys, and the New York Yankees – and rooting on his favorite players – Rob Gronkowski, Julian Edelman, Ezekiel Elliott, and the now retired Derek Jeter – with his Dad. Joey’s father, Chris, is a police sergeant and his mother, Lauren, is a social worker with a local school system.

In times of illness, adversity, or crisis, the last thing someone should be concerned with is food shopping or cooking dinner. As such, a “Meal Train” has been established for the Bulger family to take that burden off their plate. Anyone interested in pitching in to organize meal deliveries can do so by clicking the button below.


Joey’s Journal

Joeys Journey – April 5th Update

Gratitude...... Lately the word gratitude has been weighing heavily on my mind....I wonder if before my family went to war with cancer if I was ever truly thankful.  I mean truly, truly thankful for the littlest things that occur on a daily basis; because those little things, have become the biggest and best things to us. Last week, was our first week without treatment (inpatient or out patient). We were just at home, trying to figure our new "normal".  Chris returned to work for a couple of days and Joey and I were at home. Joey began to eat again ...
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Joeys Journey – March 21st Update

I have to apologize to everyone; I know that everyone has been anxiously awaiting this news and an update to my blog, but like with every step on this journey, we are learning and processing so much information that it can become somewhat overwhelming, even when that news is positive. Since diagnosis, our amazing team of doctors have had the goal to get Joey into remission.  And finally on Monday, we were told that beautiful and miraculous news! Joey is in remission! At this point, the tests that were conducted, showed zero minimal residual disease. And as wonderful as these ...
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Joeys Journey – February 12th Update

It has taken me a long time to sit down and write an update…maybe because I did not have anything to really say.  Maybe because there were moments that were so dark for me that I didn’t feel like admitting them to anyone. And although it has been more than 30 days since I have sat down at this computer to type…the concept of time in our house is fickle.  Some days are long and others are seem to pass by with an unsual new routine, that we are learning to accept. Some weeks are easy and others difficult…..it has ...
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Joeys Journey – Jan 15th Update

As I stare at this blank computer screen in the middle of the night, the only way to describe to everyone what I feel is to tell you we feel like we are drowning and cannot breathe….I am gasping for air and yet I cannot possibly get enough air into my lungs to catch my breath.  This feeling has been happening since around noon on Friday afternoon. I wrote about before how I felt that a bomb had been dropped on our lives, but now this time it feels worse and I honestly did not think that was possible. Not ...
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Joey’s Journey

Many friends and family members over the last couple of weeks have suggested that I write down my feelings, or even start a blog. I am by no means a writer or someone who likes to communicate by journaling.  Additionally,  I think I was hesitant because I was not sure I could adequately describe to others what happening to our family…..the truth is, I could not distinguish what I was feeling on a moment to moment basis.  However, I do know that on the afternoon on December 9th, it felt like a bomb had exploded on our lives and no ...
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