Joeys Journey – September 12th Update

Moving Forward….

The last time I updated my blog, we were just about to begin a very grueling stage of treatment.  And I could write pages upon pages, telling you just how difficult and awful our summer was…because it wasn’t a happy summer at all. It was not the summer a typical seven year old child should have.  His skin was not sun kissed by spending long days at the beach and he didn’t get to go to summer camp with his friends or even watch fire works on the fourth of July.  There were no family vacations or even trips to local amusement parks….. Joey spent his summer receiving harsh chemotherapy treatments that left his already tired body, even more exhausted and ill.

I do not wish to revisit these last two months.  I have no desire to write about them or even think about them if I don’t have to.  But please trust me when I tell you, watching your child suffer, is probably the worst feeling on this planet and I don’t wish it on my worst enemy.

But as I have written before, Joey continually surprises us all with his strength and bravery.  One of his goals this summer was to get to the beach, even if it was just for a couple of days and that is just what he did! So at the very end of August, when everyone else was getting ready to return to school, we headed to the beach.  The smile on his face was contagious and you could literally feel his excitement.  Although his body was drained, he tried to pack as many activities into the little time he had on this mini vacation: he went to the board walk, played mini golf and even got back on his surf board and road a quick wave!

We also hit another milestone last week; Joey attended his first day of second grade! His transition into school will be slow and he may not be able to go every day or even full days, but he is bubbling over with anticipation to return to some sort of normalcy and routine in his life.

I feel like I have witnessed my little seven year old boy, grow a life time in maturity in these last ten months.  He understands concepts and situations that most adults have not been faced with.  But I pray and hope it will shape him to become a more compassionate and empathetic person, who appreciates each and everyday and all the gifts we are given.

I choose to make this blog be as positive as possible, because I wanted those reading to know, that we are feeling the love and support from all of you, even when we are in our darkest moments.  It is because of you that we have the strength and will to continue to fight.  Thank you for choosing to fight alongside us, for believing in us….We are beginning to see some of the miracles that we have been praying for and we hope and pray that they continue.

Beginning in October, Joey will hopefully enter his last phase of treatment called, long term maintenance.  This phase will last approximately three years.  However, it will only require him to go to the hospital clinic one time a month. At home, he will be required to take many chemo therapy pills orally.  So hopefully, somewhere within this space, we will begin to find our new normal.

Please continue to keep Joey and our family in your thoughts and prayers. Please ask God to continue to heal my amazing little boy and make him stronger and healthier everyday.

On Friday, October 6th, our amazing friends are having a fundraiser being held at the Westwood Elks.  If you are interested in attending, please buy your tickets as soon as possible, before they all sell out!! There are some truly terrific prizes!!!  Hope to see you all there!

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