Joeys Journey – March 21st Update

I have to apologize to everyone; I know that everyone has been anxiously awaiting this news and an update to my blog, but like with every step on this journey, we are learning and processing so much information that it can become somewhat overwhelming, even when that news is positive.

Since diagnosis, our amazing team of doctors have had the goal to get Joey into remission.  And finally on Monday, we were told that beautiful and miraculous news! Joey is in remission! At this point, the tests that were conducted, showed zero minimal residual disease.

And as wonderful as these words were to hear, and we do truly believe that God has listened to all our prayers; the road ahead is still long and arduous.

Joey has another six plus months of intense chemotherapy ahead of him. This is to ensure he remains in remission. We began our first round of interim maintenance on Tuesday morning. It will last two months and require Joey to stay inpatient (every other week) for three nights.

These chemo therapy rounds will continue until sometime in September. And then hopefully we will enter a maintenance phase of treatment.

The entire treatment process for leukemia is over three and a half years….. And as the doctors repeat this phrase to me and

Chris, I can feel my breath quicken and my heart rate rise….. it’s hard to imagine fighting for that long. But the truth is, we have no other choice. It’s easy to be paralyzed by the fear of the unknown and what lies ahead…. but we have no choice.

So as I sit here at the hospital so thankful to God, my family, friends, co-workers, my church community, our doctors and people that we don’t even know….. it’s is still difficult to catch my breath because our fight is far from over.

In the beginning, I described our diagnosis date as a bomb being dropped: war on our family was declared…. and in many ways by hearing that Joey is in remission let us know that we have won the first battle, but the war is far from over and cancer is still the number one enemy that we have to face.

Now that some of the dust has settled we know that we must dig deeper in our trenches, continue to strengthen our faith, and lean even more on our community. We have to continue to fight!!

The last 90 days of our journey we have garnered our strength, faith, love, support, and hope from every last one of you….as as we continue to move forward please continue to stand with us…..


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